Mishkas Coffee and Tea Lab



Mishkas was established in 1995 to create a friendly and cozy public meeting place following in the tradition of the old cafes of Europe. We succeeded in the original intent beyond all hopes with Mishkas becoming a de facto hub of downtown Davis. We certainly hope that at least a bit of this success is owed to the big and friendly cat that lent the cafe its name.

While no great coffee house can exist without great coffee, taking this a step further by serving strictly Organic beans with Fair Trade certification was in 1995 not a small feat. By eschewing chemical pesticides and crude oil-derived fertilizers while showing our respect for the people that grow our coffee we set a tone that still guides the spirit of our cafe; we decided to be responsible towards people and the environment two decades before the words green and sustainable became hip.

Don’t forget about the pastries! Our Pastry Chef, Alison, creates exquisite baked goods right here in the café every day. We also compliment Alison’s fine work with select baked goods from regional bakeries.

And remember, Mishka’s Café is open until 9:30 PM, so you can stop by after dinner for coffee with your friends and family.

At Mishka’s, you are always welcome.