Mishkas Coffee and Tea Lab


At Mishka’s, we focus quality of your experience at our café, starting with the coffee you drink. We bring the very best quality coffee beans to our customers, directly sourced from our suppliers. Our beans arrive fresh here at Mishka’s Café, and we roast them in-house, right above the café where you sit.

By using modern roasting technology and honing our craft over the years, we have been able to offer light and dark roasts, as well as balanced medium blends that are not too light, and not too dark. Through careful attention to our coffee beans’ flavors, we craft perfectly roasted coffee, ready for brewing.

When you stop by for a cup, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will always be attentive to your tastes. Let us know exactly what you like, or trust us to guide you toward something new. 

From bean selection all the way to brewing for your cup, we take our coffee seriously, and tailor our menu to your tastes. Our wide selection of coffees and lattes awaits your visit.

Our roasts are available in-store and online.